The Art of Nature

In this 12 segment program we will go deeper into 12 different eco-systems, specific plants, the medicine they have to share, and the art of integrating them into fiber arts as dyes. Students will practice identifying various botanicals with plant keys, researching eco-systems, making natural dyes, and connecting with the medicine of plants and elements through meditative heart connection.


I’ll be joining the beautiful ladies of Luxe Nomad and Moon Mountain Gathering this winter for WOVEN a three month fiber arts intensive in Nevada City, CA!! Join us for this deep dive into spinning, dyeing, and weaving !! Each month will be focused on each of these aspects of fiber arts. I will be teaching the second section on natural dyes, called Wild Dyes of Winter. 

Wild Dyes of Winter is a four part series beginning on February 17th. This course focuses largely on relationship and energetic reciprocity in the transformation of natural elements into works of art. Students will learn about botanical identification, sustainable harvest practices and connection to place in addition to learning the art of making seasonal local dyes. We will explore the possible color palettes and mordants, and how to apply them to a variety of fibers - including those we have spun ourselves in the previous section of Woven.

Students can choose to participate in the entire series, or individual sections of it. 

Wild Dyes of winter costs $350, and includes all four classes, fiber samples and other materials. 


10% of the proceeds from this series will be donated to Wantana  

watch the video below to learn more about them! 






Interested in learning how to make natural dyes?

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September 15 - 17 2017: Festival of the Muses

Joyful Journey Hot Springs, Crestone, CO

Festival of the Muses.jpg


June 8th - 12th, 2017 :   Spirit Weavers Gathering

 Moon Session - Lake Concow, CA


I will be teaching a hands on course on plant identification, ethical wild-harvesting, plant spirit communication, making natural and biodegradable dyes and mordants, and natural fiber dyeing. 

To join this beautiful gathering of women visit


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